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Hello, Under IFRS you do impairment of goodwill for the group ( ecomic entity) but is there a solution to depreciate only one entity of the group. If you plan to sell an entity in the next years you may impair Goodwill of that entity if you kwown already that the value is under goodwill?

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According to the IFRS 3, impairment of all the assets is carried in accordance with the international accounting standards. In this regards, for the purpose of selling an entity in the coming years; if the amount of impairment loss of goodwill is known; still the impairment has to be conducted because it includes all the other assets as well of the company. The overall impact of all assets may vary the impairment amount of goodwill just because not only impairment of goodwill will be conducted rather than it will include other assets of the company.

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