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What are the Risk management disclosures required under IFRS 7 for credit, liquidity and market risk?
in IFRS 7 - Financial Instruments: Disclosures by

1 Answer

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According to IFRS 7, following disclosures are required:

Credit Risk (IFRS 7.36-38)


  • The maximum amount of risk without including the collateral amount, description of collateral, and information regarding the credit quality of financial assets which have not been past due or impaired, and the information about the credit quality of financial assets whose conditions have been renegotiated. (IFRS 7.36)
  • for those financial assets which have been past due or impaired, analytical disclosures are essential. (IFRS 7.37)  
  • the information regarding collateral or other credit advancements acquired or called. (IFRS 7.38)
Liquidity Risk (IFRS 7.39)
  • a maturity analysis of financial liabilities  
  • the depiction of strategy to risk management.

Market Risk (7.40-42) 

  • The sensitivity analysis of the market risks to which the entity is threatened.
  • further  information, if the sensitivity analysis is not illustrative of the entity's risk
  • If the entity considers that the different components of market risk such as interest rate risk and foreign currency risk combined, then the entity can provide combined analysis rather than separate analysis.

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