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The question focus to know whether there is a rule that after one year to receivables which have not been paid change to doubtful debts.
in IAS 39 - Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement by
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2 Answers

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No it is not. There is no rule as such. No IFRS specifies a period afer which a debtor should be treated as doubtful. In fact as per IAS 39 you can not make a provision for a specific debtor simply because that debtor remains outstanding for a particular period. In other words IFRS does not permit provision for doubtful debts based on debtors aging. For instance you can NOT have a system where you provide 50% for  debtors outstanding between 06 to 12 months & 100 % provision for debtors outstanding over one year.

As per IAS 39 trade debtors are financial assets and therefore you have to test debtors for any impairment losses.

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Yes MySio is correct. There is no such rule.
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