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Can an accounting estimate under IAS 8, e.g. a provision, which was in EUR be revised due to a severe increase/decrease on foreign exchange (IAS 12)?
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treatment of Changes in accounting estimates under IAS 8

The effect of a change in an accounting estimate shall be recognized prospectively by including it in profit or loss in the period of the change if the change affects that period only, or the period of the change and future periods, if the change affects both.
However, to the extent that a change in an accounting estimate gives rise to changes in assets and liabilities, or relates to an item of equity, it is recognized by adjusting the carrying amount of the related asset, liability, or equity item in the period of the change.

Disclosures relating to changes in accounting estimates


The nature and amount of a change in an accounting estimate that has an effect in the current period or is expected to have an effect in future periods if the amount of the effect in future periods is not disclosed because estimating it is impracticable, an entity shall disclose that fact.

IAS 12 speaks about Income taxes, If a change in accounting estimate effects IAS 12 then it should be recorded accordingly.
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