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Recording of intangible assets
in General IFRS Discussion by

1 Answer

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Check out disclosure requirements in IAS 38 for details.

Some of the general requirements are as follows:

An entity shall disclose the following for each class of intangible assets,
distinguishing between internally generated intangible assets and other
intangible assets:
(a) whether the useful lives are indefinite or finite and, if finite, the
useful lives or the amortisation rates used;
(b) the amortisation methods used for intangible assets with finite
useful lives;
(c) the gross carrying amount and any accumulated amortisation
(aggregated with accumulated impairment losses) at the
beginning and end of the period;
(d) the line item(s) of the statement of comprehensive income in
which any amortisation of intangible assets is included;
(e) a reconciliation of the carrying amount at the beginning and end
of the period